Android notification: Openpath is using battery




  • joelaurenzano

    This response doesn't address he issue, which is an app should not be running when it isn't needed. I need to unlock a door 1 day per week. The app insists on running 24/7. The reason given above doesn't make sense. Instead it means "we designed it this way, don't worry, just turn off the notification".

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  • Samy Kamkar

    Hi joelaurenzano, 

    You can entirely disable the Openpath service on Android by opening up the Openpath app, clicking the burger menu, clicking About, and unchecking "Enable Openpath Service". Please note the "Touch to Unlock" functionality will not work reliably so instead you'll need to open up the Openpath app in order to unlock your entries once you do this.

    Just to add some color on why the app remains open in the background is that in order for our Touch to Unlock feature to work, the app must in the background, at which point it wakes up when near one of our readers. Different versions of Android (depending on manufacturer) will kill apps when they go in the background after some time, which is why we offer the optional service that keeps it always running in the background.

    Thanks for raising the question and hope this answers it! Please reach out to us at or via the app's "Send Feedback" if you have any other questions!



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