What are Cloud Key Credentials and how do I send Guest Access Links?

Cloud Key Credentials let users share guest access links from the Control Center and the mobile app. This link can be sent to an email address, via text message, or through Slack. The guest can then click that link to open the door without having to download the Openpath app.

To send guest access links, first add a Cloud Key Credential and make sure Remote Unlock is enabled.

  1. Go to https://control.openpath.com/login and log in
  2. Under Users > User Management, click on your name to go to your User Details
  3. Under the Credentials tab, click the Add User Credential dropdown and choose Cloud Key
  4. Enter a name for the credential, a start and/or end date (optional), then click Save


  1. Go to the Access tab, scroll down, and ensure Remote Unlock is enabled.

Once you have a Cloud Key Credential and Remote Unlock permissions, you can share guest access links.

To share guest access to multiple entries from the Control Center:

  1. Under Users > User Management, click on your name to go to your User Details
  2. Under the Credentials tab, locate your Cloud Key Credential
  3. Click Get Webhook URL
    1. From the Entries dropdown, select the Entry or Entries you want your guest to have access to
    2. Enter a description, then adjust the dates/time the link will be active if necessary
    3. Click Generate Links
    4. Click Guest Access Link: Copy to clipboard, then share that link with your guest via email, SMS, or messaging platform

When your guest clicks on the link, a browser window will open with buttons that let them access the entries you shared with them


To share guest access to an entry from the mobile app:

  1. Select the entry for which you want to provide temporary access
  2. Click Share a guest access link, enter a brief description, and set a Start and End time
  3. Click Share Access
  4. Choose how you'd like to share the link 


Your guest will receive a message that looks like the example below. When they click on the link, a browser window will open with a button that lets them access the entry you shared with them. 


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  • Is the process for sending guest access from an Android phone the same?

  • Correct! Sending a guest access link follows the same process on the Android app.


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