How do I create a Mobile Credential?

Mobile credentials let users use their mobile device to gain access to entries via the Openpath App.

Mobile credentials can be issued to individual users or when importing users via CSV or identity provider integrations. See How do I import users with a CSV file? or How do I sync users with Google G Suite? or How do I sync users with Active Directory? 

To create a Mobile Credential for an individual user

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Under Users > User Management, click on the name of the user you wish to issue a mobile credential
  3. Under the Credentials tab, click Add Credential
  4. Choose Mobile Credential from the Select Credential dropdown. Enter a device name for the credential, a start and/or end date (optional), then click Create


  1. After the Mobile Credential is created, the user can log into the app two ways:
    1. Click Send and an e-mail will be sent with the subject, "It's time to set up Openpath Mobile Access on your mobile device."
    2. The user can trigger an email through the app as explained here: How do I log into the Openpath Security App?
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