How do I assign Schedules to Entries?

You can assign Schedules to Entries by creating events. These events can repeat (like for normal business hours) or occur one-time (like for holidays). To create events:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Under Sites > Entry Schedules click Create Entry Schedule
  3. Enter a name for the Schedule, then click Next
  4. Assign this Schedule to Entries by clicking the Add Entry dropdown
  5. Click Create Event to define the Schedule


  1. From here you can choose between a Repeating Event and a One-Time Event
  2. Enter a Start and End Time, choose a Time Zone, and select which days this event will occur (for Repeating Events)
  3. Select a Scheduled State to determine whether the Entries affected by the Schedule are locked or unlocked, and what kind of Trigger Methods are permitted for unlock requests. For more information, see What are Entry States?
    • Note: Enabling Trigger after an unlock method included in will not unlock a door during an event until the first person with access triggers a door to unlock
  4. Click Save
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