How do I create and assign roles?

A role is a set of portal access permissions that can be assigned to users. There are two default roles that cannot be edited:

  • Super Admin – gives full portal access with edit permissions
  • Super Admin Read-Only – gives full portal access with read permissions

Note: Users with the Super Admin role can assign and revoke portal access for other Users.

To create a role:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Go to Users > Role Management and click the blue Create Role button on the top left corner. Enter a name, description, and assign users.
  3. Select the permissions you’d like this role to have. For example, you can create a role that only gives access to Dashboards. 
    1. If you have the Premium package, you can set granular permissions for roles. See How do I set granular permissions for user roles?
  4. Click the blue Save button in the lower right corner


To assign a role:

  1. Go to Users > User Management and click on a user to go to their User Details
  2. To assign roles, click the slider to enable Portal Access
  3. Click on the Roles field to assign roles
  4. Click Save


NOTE: You can assign multiple roles to the same user. The user’s permissions will be cumulative across all assigned roles.

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