What is Remote Unlock and how do I use it?

Remote Unlock is a feature that lets users unlock an Entry via the Openpath Mobile App without needing to be in range of the Reader.

To enable Remote Unlock:

  1. Go to https://control.openpath.com/login and log in
  2. Go to Users > User Management and click on the user for which you want to enable Remote Unlock
  3. Under the Access tab, scroll down to Remote Unlock and select Enabled from the dropdown
  4. Click Save

Note: In order for Remote Unlock to work, the Entry State must also permit Remote Unlock. For example, Remote Unlock does not work when the Entry State is set to Strict Security. The Entry State is set under Sites > Entry Management > Edit Entry > Entry Behavior and through an Entry's Scheduled State (Sites > Entry Management > Edit Entry > Schedule).

To use Remote Unlock:

  1. Open the Openpath Mobile App and locate the Entry you wish to remotely unlock
  2. Tap the lock icon to unlock the Entry
  3. Tap Yes to confirm


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