What do the Smart Reader's LEDs mean?

The Openpath Smart Reader’s LEDs indicate the following:


center dot = solid white

door is locked


outer ring = solid white

door is unlocked


center dot quickly switches between multiple colors and outer ring quickly spins once

reader has just received power


all lights are off

reader is not connected to power (check to see if power wires are swapped)


center dot is flashing red

reader is connected to power but cannot communicate with the ACU (check to see if the +B [blue] and -A [violet] lines are swapped)


center dot is solid blue

reader is connected to power and can communicate with the ACU, but has not been configured as an entry in the Control Center


center dot is solid green and the outer ring lights up and spins

reader has been identified via the Control Center


center dot is solid purple and the outer ring is solid white

reader is possibly not receiving enough voltage or current, potentially due to a break in wiring – try connecting the reader directly to the ACU, bypassing any wire runs

Asset_14.png center dot is solid pink and the outer ring is solid white check that +12V IN (orange) hasn’t been swapped with +B (blue) or -A (violet)
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