Openpath setup email not received

If you requested a setup email through the Openpath app but didn't receive one, ask your system administrator to check the following:

Verify the user exists and is active

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Go to Users > User Management and locate the user. If the user does not exist, create one:
    1. Click Create User
      • If the user has an Openpath identity, enter the email address associated with their identity, and select the checkbox Add a user from an existing namespace. You'll need to enter the namespace associated with the user's identity.
    2. Enter the user's email address, name, and start and end date
    3. Click Save
    4. Create a mobile credential for the user. How do I create a Mobile Credential?
  3. On the User Management page, check that the Status column indicates Active
  4. If the user is Suspended or Deleted, click the checkmark next to the user's name and click the Batch Actions dropdown
  5. Click Activate Users
  6. Next, check that the Start Date and End Date fields are correct. (A user won't receive a setup phone link if they request one outside of these dates.)
  7. If you'd like to edit these dates, click the name of the user to go to their User Details
  8. Modify the Start Date and/or End Date, then click Save

Verify the user has an active mobile credential

  1. On the User Details page, go to the Credentials tab
  2. Verify the user has a mobile credential and that the Start and End Dates are correct
  3. If the user does not have a mobile credential, create one. How do I create a Mobile Credential?
  4. Click Send to email a setup phone link to the user
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