How do I set up the Openpath and Camio integration?

This integration links Openpath Entry events and Users with videos in Camio. To enable this integration, you create Rules that send data to Camio, designate a user with read-only portal access that translates userIds to names, then input Org and Entry information into the Camio portal.

To set up the Openpath and Camio integration:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Go to Configurations > Rules Engine, then click Create Rule
  3. Create a Rule for every event you want tracked in Camio, copy and pasting the following code block to the JSON Editor field, replacing the "requests" section of the default JSON in the field
    • Note: Entry Ajar and Forced Entry events require that your Entry's Contact Sensor settings have Ajar Feature and Forced-Open Detection enabled. You can set this under Sites > Entry Management > Edit Entry.


Rule Example


To create a rule:

  1. From the Type dropdown select Entry or Lockdown
  2. If you selected an Entry Type, from the Event dropdown select one of the following:
    • Entry Unlocked
    • Entry Ajar Started
    • Entry Ajar Ended
    • Entry Forced Open
    • Authentication Failed
    • Authorization Failed
  3. If you selected a Lockdown Type, from the Event dropdown select one of the following:
    • Lockdown Plan Triggered
    • Lockdown Plan Reverted
  4. Click Use JSON Editor and copy and paste the following to replace the "requests" object
            "body":"{{json event}}",
  1. Click Save

To create a user with read-only portal access to be used by Camio:

  1. Go to Users > Role Management and create a role with READ permission for Users and READ permission for Sites
  2. Go to Users > User Management and click Create User
    1. Enter an email (must be a valid email address that you can access)
    2. Enter a useful First and Last Name (Camio Bot, for example)
    3. Enable Portal Access by clicking the toggle, then add the role you just created
    4. Click Save
  3. Fill in the required information in the Camio portal, with info from Openpath:
    1. Optional: You can use the read-only user's login credentials to auto-complete the data entry. Learn more about how Camio uses Openpath login credentials and an alternative way of retrieving the token here:
    2. If you'd rather complete the fields manually, follow these steps:
      • Your orgId is found in the URL after the /o/ and your userId is found when you edit the user:


    • You can find entryIds by editing them in Entry Management:


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