How do I set up the Slack integration with Openpath?

The Openpath and Slack integration works by defining commands that you type into Slack that unlock individual entries.

Note: These commands work in any Slack channel and there's no way to restrict who can use them (meaning anyone in the Slack workspace can unlock doors).

To set up the Slack integration in Openpath:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. We recommend creating a new user specifically for the Slack integration (a valid email address is not necessary)
    1. Go to Users > User Management, click Create User
    2. Enter an email address (does not need to be a real email address), a first and last name, then click Save
    3. On the Credentials tab, create a Cloud Key Credential
    4. On the Access tab, make sure the user has access to the entries you wish to unlock via Slack and that Remote Unlock is enabled
      • Note: The entries' entry states will also need to allow Remote Unlock triggers
  3. Back on the Credentials tab, next to the Cloud Key Credential click Get Webhook URL
  4. Choose an entry, add a description, and click Generate Link
    • Note: Only select one entry; selecting multiple entries will cause the Slack command to fail
  5. Click API Link: Copy to Clipboard

To set up Slash Commands in Slack:

  1. Go to Slack and click your workspace name in the top left
  2. Click Customize Slack
  3. In the new browser window, click Configure Apps
  4. In the top search bar, search for Slash Commands
  5. On the Slash Commands page, click Add Configuration
  6. In your Slack workspace, edit the Slash Commands integration
    1. Enter a command, for example /openfrontdoor
    2. In the URL field, paste the API Link you copied earlier
    3. Click Save
      • Note: You will need to repeat these steps for every entry you wish to unlock

To use the Integration:

  1. In Slack, type the command you defined into the field at the bottom of the screen of any channel and press Enter
  2. Your entry will unlock momentarily
  3. You won't see a history log in Slack, but all unlock attempts will appear in the Activity Log in the Openpath Control Center
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