How do I set up the Openpath and Rhombus integration?

This integration links Openpath Entry events and Users with videos in Rhombus so that access events can be correlated with the video of the event. Rhombus can also alert you if it detects a face does not match the corresponding Openpath credential used for an Entry.

To set up the Openpath and Rhombus integration:

  1. Create a user with read-only portal access to be used by Rhombus
    1. Go to Users > Role Management and create a role with READ permission for View users and READ permission for View sites
    2. Go to Users > User Management and click Create User
      1. Enter an email (must be a valid email address that you can access)
      2. Enter a useful First and Last Name (Rhombus Bot, for example)
      3. Enable Portal Access by clicking the toggle, then add the role you just created
      4. Click Save
  2. Log into the Rhombus console 
    1. Go to Settings > Third Party Integrations
    2. Under Badge Systems, click Edit under the Openpath logo
    3. Enter login credentials for the read-only user
    4. Click the slider to enable the integration, then select any of the following settings:
    5. Associate cameras with entries using the dropdowns
    6. Click Save in the top right corner
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