iPhone BLE Troubleshooting

In rare cases, sometimes an iPhone won't receive BLE requests from nearby Openpath readers, causing failed unlock attempts.

To check if your iPhone can receive BLE requests from an Openpath reader:

  1. First, on your iPhone go to Settings > Bluetooth and toggle Bluetooth off and on again, then touch the reader to attempt a touch unlock
  2. If touch unlock still fails, install nRF Connect from the App Store
  3. Open the nRF Connect app, tap OK to let nRF Connect use Bluetooth
  4. Tap Scan
  5. Tap No Filter, then in the Name field type "oprpx" to filter Openpath readers
  6. You should see a list of Openpath readers that you can connect to, possibly including one mislabeled as "Apple Watch"
  7. Tap Connect next to the one mislabeled "Apple Watch"
  8. Swipe right to go to the Services tab
  9. Scroll down to "Nordic UART TX Characteristic" and tap on the three down arrows icon to connect
  10. Touch the reader to attempt a touch unlock
  11. If the reader doesn't unlock, contact Openpath Support
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