How do I configure Executive First-In?

If you’d like to limit access to an entry unless an owner or manager is present, you can configure this using Executive First-In logic. Once configured, a person with executive permissions must unlock the entry before employees and other non-executives can access the entry. 

To configure Executive First-In:

  1. Create an Entry Schedule for your business hours
    • First, create a schedule that mirrors your standard business hours
    • Go to Sites > Entry Schedules
    • Click Create Event, enable Trigger after an unlock method included in and select Lockdown-Override Only
    • From there, add the entries that you want to block access to until someone with override lockdown permissions has credentialed in


  1. Change the Default Entry State of the Entry (or Entries)
    1. Go to Sites > Entry Management
    2. Click on an Entry to edit it
    3. Under Entry Behavior, set the Default Entry State to Lockdown - Override Only
  2. Create a custom Entry State
    • Go to Sites > Entry State Management
    • Create a custom Entry State that will be assigned to the executive team 
    • Enable all the triggers for this state, including the override triggers at the bottom of the page
  3. Create a custom User Schedule
    • Go to Users > User Schedules
    • Create a custom Schedule for the executive group for 24x7 access and apply the custom Entry State created in step 3


  1. Create a Group for executives
    • Go to Users > Group Management
    • Create a Group for executives and managers that will receive the First-In privileges
    • Apply the schedule created in step 4 to assign access for this group for the desired entries
  2. Edit executives’ user permissions
    • Go to Users > User Management
    • Enable the Override Permission for all users in the Lockdown-Override Group (you'll need to edit users individually)
    • This permission is located at the bottom of the page in the Access tab

If you have programmed the Override permissions correctly for a user, they will be able to override unlock any doors that have the Executive First-In logic applied. Tap and hold the lock icon, then tap Yes


After an executive triggers an Override unlock, the entry will remain in the scheduled state until the schedule ends or until someone locks the entry via Last to Leave. 

In addition, you can tie an Openpath relay to a “keyswitch” input on the alarm panel to also arm/disarm based on the state of the relay. You can also potentially automate this process through an outbound webhook in Openpath, only if the alarm system has an open API. Contact Openpath Support to learn more.

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