How do I use the Rules Engine?

The Rules Engine lets you create conditional rules that trigger actions based on Openpath events. 

To create a new rule:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. Go to Integrations > Rules Engine and click the blue Create Rule button
  3. Enter a name and description, then select a Trigger Type from the dropdown:
    1. Entry triggers include events like entry unlocks, ajar doors, and unlock failures
    2. Input triggers include events like input state changes
    3. Event Forwarder triggers include events from the first two categories, as well as billing activity, user creation and deletion, lockdown activity, identity provider sync issues, and hardware relay changes
  4. If you selected an Event Forwarder trigger, enter the Target URL
  5. If you selected an Entry or Input trigger, use the graphical interface (included in the Premium package) to set Conditions, Schedules, and Actions
  6. If you selected an Entry or Input trigger but do not have the Premium Package, deselect the Graphical Interface and provide additional information via JSON.
  7. Click Save
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