How do I set up Wave to Unlock?

Wave to Unlock lets you wave your hand up to an inch or two (2-5 cm) in front of the Openpath reader to authenticate with your Openpath mobile credential.

To set up Wave to Unlock:

  1. Go to and log in
  2. To check if your Openpath readers are compatible, go to Dashboards > Hardware Dashboard, click on an ACU to expand it, then check that the HW Ver is 22reader-hw-version.png
  3. To enable Wave to Unlock on an Entry, go to Sites > Entry Management and click on the Entry wave-settings.png
  4. Under Openpath Reader settings, enable Touch/Wave to Unlock
  5. The Mobile Authorization Range determines how close the mobile device must be to the Openpath reader in order to authorize the unlock
  6. The Touch/Wave Detection Range specifies how close the hand must be to the Openpath reader to initiate the unlock attempt—this behavior may vary depending on your environment and this setting might require adjustment
  7. At the bottom of the page, click Save
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