How do I set up First to Unlock and Last to Leave?

The Last to Leave feature in the Openpath mobile app works by setting the entry back to its default entry state. In order for Last to Leave to work, the entry must have an Entry Schedule assigned to it and the Schedule must have “Trigger after an unlock included in” enabled.

To enable Last to Leave:

  1. Go to and log in

  2. Go to Sites > Entry Schedules and click Create Schedule

  3. Create an Entry Schedule according to your hours of operation and assign to appropriate entries; refer to How do I assign Schedules to Entries?

  4. When creating the Entry Schedule, ensure that you enable Trigger after an unlock method included in and select the appropriate Entry State

    1. In this example, the Scheduled State is Unlocked, which won’t take effect until someone unlocks using a method included in Convenience (any unlock method); for an alternate setup, refer to How do I configure Executive First-In?

  5. Once saved and applied to your entries, a user will be able to tap Last to Leave in the Openpath mobile app and revert the Entry’s scheduled state (in this example, Unlocked) to its default state (Convenience)

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